So, who am I?

I'm @thavarshan, a professional Software Engineer, Graphic design enthusiate, and part-time Artist. I love to create, make, and build stuff. I spend countless hours sitting in front of a computer screen making something amazing and when I'm not, I draw pencil sketch portraits.

I used to love PHP and had been using it for at least seven years and more but I have now switched to Typescript. So, currently I'm trying to expand my knowledge about the other tools in my arsenal and at the same time, try to complete as many personal and professional projects as I can. Take a look down below to see what I'm up to on GitHub and BitBucket.

Personal Projects

A list of personal projects now hosted as open source projects or as templates on GitHub pulled in live using GitHub API.

Contributions: Emberfuse

Emberfuse is an open-source organization where we make simple PHP and JavaScript libraries.

Practice Projects

A list of practice projects that I took on to keep my skills sharp. These are now hosted as open source projects or as templates on Bitbucket pulled in live using Bitbucket API.